The key factor in the success of Orona’s international qualification is its close cooperation with each regional office .

Orona provides the best service to over 100 countries.

  • Orona is committed to respecting service quality with an easy to understand strategic approach.
  • The efforts to maintain the origin of our core business are deeply rooted in our values-based and social business vision.

Orona ranks first in Europe in term of its ability to produce complete elevator systems in the enterprise.

  • 100% European production
  • Over 20,000 finished products production capacity within one year.
  • Reliable and stable delivery and the fastest manufacturing process time

Orona achieved “A grade” in all fields of use.

Orona, leader in the elevator manufacturing industry, is an international standard of 50 25745, a newly established public installation regulation with the 03G X-10,03G X-15 model. It was recognized by Young-ro , SO 25745′ ( International Organization for Standardization), which regulates the newly established public installation Also in the section below, we have obtained a class A class for the installation using ORONA 3G.

  • A cloud shape without gears.
  • Automatic standby elevator indication, ventilation facilities, signal system and operation
  • LED elevator lightning

True Environment System Concept

  • Orona has been accepting the challenges of innovation through a collaborative approach for many years, and “Orona IDEO” represents a qualitative leap forward in the innovation model.
  • The buildings that make up “Orona Ideo” are trying to play an important role in the importance of sustainability and biocompatible design for optimal and effective energy performance.
  • Orona “IDEO” has acquired the highest accreditation in Europe in the category of LEED Gold (Green Building Bucket Certification) and “BREEAM” (for eco-friendly certification in the UK).
  • Our goal is to participate in innovation network such as Geotechnical University and Research Center. To create a culture where the exchange of knowledge ideas and ultimately results happen.