• We adhere to the highest standards of quality.
  • Our elevator layout range is firmly at the forefront of the market by using high-quality materials that comply with the utmost guarantee.

Materials that lead the cutting edge

  • Our elevators are made of the best quality, performance and the best materials.
  • The wall finishing materials is composed of  laminate materials and  a core coating material with excellent.

Accessibility EN 81-70.

Lift and door dimensions combined with advanced safety communication elements ensure a wide range of compliance with the most demanding accessibility regulations.

Durable and lightweight construction

The new elevator design has been optimized to maintain operation by minimizing the impact of the elevator while weighing the elevator.

Eco-friendly design

We have reduced the impact of environmental pollution caused by elevators through eco friendly materials, and optimized manufacturing processes and energy saving factors.

Choose from two options

 The choice is really simple, either Orona 3G Packs or Orona 3G Plus.

  • Select the option that best suits your taste.

The pre-configured elevator layout is designed to make it easy to use a variety of design options.

Each pack combines various elements of the elevator to provide a modern design that can be integrated into various types of build.

We offer a pack two lines

  1. Reference Packs
  2. Selection Packs
  • More tailored design

The design of the elevator can be freely configured and modified.

Combined with multiple elements, you can adapt and adapt to your building style.

  • Reference Pack

Functional and modern design to meet the most practical needs

We provide 5 references.

Functional and modern design, the color of the walls turn the elevator into a bright and fresh atmosphere.

The combinational of textures on the walls increases the elegance of the elevator and creates a unique style.

  • Selection Pack

More elegant design, differentiated design

We offer 9 selection packs.

The distinctive lift adds a unique character to the building.

The texture and color of the walls, combined with the refined design and more sophisticated lighting, make the space befitting the most complete building.

Build your elevator in a unique style.

For a customized design, we give you the opportunity to design an elevator.

If you’re looking for more freedom to maximum customization and to choose and combine elements of your elevator yourself, Orona 3G Plus is for you. Enjoy wide-open views with a variety of a colors and textures stainless steel and glass lifts and antique finishes. You can experience 600,000 different configurations of elevators.

  • Another Special

The lift with a color-painted glass buck that provides a more exclusive environment, refined design and an impressive atmosphere brings a great groove.

The architecture and interior design with avant-garde style and brightness are in pursuit of a unique and distinct aesthetic to heighten that fits well with the surrounding environment.

For this reason Orona 3G plus offers a wide range of finish options that are elegant and original to the lift.

It is durable and makes its beauty last longer.

  • Elevator Wall

      ✓  Neo Compact Color

  • Mirror
  • MW (Mirror ½)
  • MW (Mirror ¾ horizontal type)
  • MT (Mirror ¾ vertical type)
  • Rear view mirror (EN 81-70)
  • Deadline

01 Clear
02 Tanned Style

  • Bum Fray

  • Shepherd
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC
  • Double Bump Fray
Elevator control panel/ceiling/door (inside the elevator and landing)
  • Skirting

  • SK01 Illuminated aluminum.

  ( St St Finish)

  • SK02 Painted Aluminum.
  • Elevator Operation Panel
  • Etc.
  • Two elevator control panels.
  • Horizontal elevator operation panel.