Solution-Centric Technology

Through an innovative model developed with constant efforts, We integrate the latest technology into the market and we are able to develop a wide range of solutions specifically designed for the characteristics and needs of each building.

Solutions for High-Rise Buildings

  • The next generation outbound line Orona 3G X-11 and X-14 are accessible and comfortable. Both safety and energy efficiency are at the highest level, maximizing all available space in vertical aisles. Allows installation of large lifts, installing elevators improves the quality of flesh for all users, and increases the value of buildings now and in the future.

Solutions for Existing Buildings

  • Orona offers the Orona 36X-17 Gearless electrical outlet for high-rise buildings, not requiring a machine room. This model boasts outstanding performance with speeds of up to 2.5m/s , capacity of up to 1,600 kg and driving heights of up to 100m, Travel more comfortably with an optimized design with 240 connections per hour in rugged operation.
  • This model is designed and produced by ORONA with the uses of the highest technology in concept and all manufacturing steps. all key components are manufactured in Europe and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and reliability.