Elevator Supplier

Flexible elevator solutions for residential and commercial buildings

The Orona Machine-room Above Electrical Gearless elevator is a customized solution offering latest technologies while still maintaining its eco-friendliness. It features flexible configurations doors with reduced sound levels inside and outside the lift.

There is also an Automatic Rescue System that ensures fast, safe, and efficient passenger evacuation in the event of an emergency.


Orona 3G X-20

A competitive solution for residential and low-rise public buildings

Max weight 320-630 kg Max Speed: 1 m/s Max structure: 16 floors, 40m


Orona 3G X-22

Made for heavy loads, an electrical solution with high performance capacity

(Variant 1) Max Weight 3550-5000 kg, Max Speed 0.5 m/s, Maximum: 14 floors, 30m

(Variant 2) Max weight: 2550-3550 kg, Max Speed: 1 m/s, Max structure: 14 floors, 30-50m


Orona 3G X-25

A customised solution for residential and public buildings with high traffic

Max Weight: 450-1000 kg Max Speed: 1-1.6 m/s Max structure: 32 floors, 50-75m


Orona 3G X-26

Customised solutions for public buildings with high traffic

Max weight: 630-1600 kg, Max Speed: 1, 1.6 m/s Max structure: 32 floors, 50-75 m


Orona 3G X-27

(Variant 1) Max Weight: 450-1000 kg, Max Speed: 1.6 m/s, Max Structure: 64 floors, 120 m

(Variant 2) Max Weight: 630-1600 kg, Max Speed: 2-2.5 m/s, Max Structure: 64 floors, 130m


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