Our elevators fit into buildings with even the most demanding requirements.

ORONA designs, manufactures, installs, modernizes, and maintains elevators dedicated to the transport of people and loads, for use in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, metro stations, and even buildings with no elevator.

Machine Room-less,
Gearless Drive Elevator, MLRG

A competitive solution made for residential or low-rise public buildings in the transport of people and/or goods, with reduced pits and headroom and an enhanced space of the car size for existing buildings.

Models available for both existing and to-be-made shafts, and can serve up to 32 floors with lift speeds up to 1.6 meters per second.

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Machine Room Above,
Gearless Drive Elevator

Elevator solutions made for residential and public buildings with high-performance capacity in mind.

This can accommodate up to 5,000kg of load, can run to up to 64 floors with speeds at up to 2.5 meters per second.

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Hydraulic Drive Solutions

Made for the heavy and delicate loads, even some with features specially made for vertical transport of cars.

Can accommodate up to 5000kg of load, with 7 floors, and maximum speeds up to 0.6 meters per second.

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