For the naturalness and brightness that characterizes Orona 3G elevator, We are introducing a new aesthetic solution that adapts to the latest trends in architecture.

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Oronais known for its timeless design. It evokes and applies emotions to all types of buildings. How is this possible ? This is because Orona is trying to regain electricity through design in consideration of Hankyung , and try to connect people and the environment using wood and fiber. We offer a variety of renewals and layouts to emphasized aesthetics in the elevators of every building , feeling that each product is faithful to ourselves and methods.

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For Orona compliance with the standards of accessibility exceeds the level approved in Europe. Orona’s elevators have the highest availability and are ready to respond in a short time.

The Orona 3G ignore button is designed to be more convenient and faster for all users.

A lamb-shaped push button with a contrasting light is moved to ensure higher housekeeping.