We Are HD Orona Elevator Philippines

Energy-efficient Elevator solutions for your home or building.

Orona provides quality and efficient elevator services, with over 100,000 installations in over 100 countries.

We are committed to respecting service quality with an easy-to-understand and  strategic approach. The efforts to maintain the origin of our core business are deeply rooted in our values-based and social business vision.

Ranked first in Europe in term of its ability to produce complete elevator systems in the enterprise.

  • 100% European production
  • Over 20,000 finished products production capacity within one year.
  • Reliable and stable delivery and the fastest manufacturing process time

Helping the environment, one lift at a time

Orona, a leader in the elevator manufacturing industry, is certified with an ISO standard of 50 25745 on its elevators for achieving Grade A energy efficiency. This was made possible with these innovations we have developed throughout the years:

  • A cloud shape drive without gears
  • Automatic standby elevator indication
  • Ventilation facilities
  • Signal system and operation
  • LED elevator lightning

Orona offers a full response to our clients service needs and supports them through the whole process.

  • Advance tools and software helping distribution to be more efficient and autonomous.
  • Multi-language commercial advice and assistance.
  • Advance technical training facilities and e-learning programs.
  • Spare parts sales service: 60% of requested spares are on stock.
  • Our sales software network system checks elevator options, establishes plans, studies energy conservation and shows the price of service solutions.
  • Order details can be tracked through the extranet customer login provided by the head office, and you can confirm the plan and download all related documents.
  • In additional, Orona provides training on elevator installation and maintenance.
  • Last and most important thing, We have enabled our dealers to have access to the spare parts platform to enable quick parts replacement.

Ongoing improvement and innovation are a must in Orona.

  • Orona EIC (Elevator Innovation Centre) ORONA’s R&D centre specialised on research and development of smart and safe transport systems.
  • Orona IDEO, an innovation city that looks out to the world, the future of urban mobility and energy efficiency bringing together business, research and university in the same environment.
  • 2000The Start

  • 2004Innovation Starts

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  • 2008First Enviroment Certification!

  • 2013

  • 2014Going Green on lighting

  • 2015

  • 2016A Completely Improved Energy Performance

  • 2017A whole new level

    Orona improves performance in its elevators with the introduction of the new Regen drives. Its 3G X-10 elevator also receives an ISO 25745 standard certification for Grade A Energy efficiency.

  • 2020Mabuhay, Philippines!


Full scope of the certifications indicated are available at the Orona website.